"To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in the world. And with every soul you bring to Jesus Christ, you seem to get a new heaven here upon earth." -Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

In the centuries since Jesus’ ascension, brave men and women have fulfilled the Great Commission—some famous, some nameless, some martyred. We all want to be like these brave people, but oftentimes we’re nervous, feel unprepared, or are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Learn how to tackle these trepidations with practical advice and encouraging stories from church history.


“Shawn Brann was my student 20 years ago at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. But now he is my friend. In his book, GO & TELL, he has masterfully addressed all the reasons we don’t share the Gospel—the excuses we make. I’ve made them all. Shawn addresses these, not with a stick, but with story, history, humor, passion and powerful insights from the Scriptures. You will come away equipped ... and excited to share with others your testimony of this man, Jesus.”
I love this book! The testimonies will inspire you. The call to missions and evangelism will challenge you. And the Holy Spirit fire burning inside Shawn will remind you that now is the time to seize the Gospel Baton and Go and Tell!
“This book is hard to put down. GO & TELL immediately captured my attention with its exciting actual stories of believers from Christian history, each chapter representing a different century. This book is jam-packed with inspiring Scriptural insights and contemporary illustrations, many of which were taken from the author’s own ministry encounters. In an age of coffee-bar churches and armchair Christians, GO & TELL's refreshing and motivating message offers the potential of raising up an army of modern believers passionately in love with Jesus and armed with the strategy to share the Gospel with power and effectiveness. GO & TELL is ideal for group study and discipleship training.”
“GO and TELL is a shocking reminder of the price so many people who passed the Gospel Baton in the past! In this book Shawn Brann forces us all to look inward to the magnificent work Jesus has done inside us as followers of Christ, and dares us to stay silent with so much good news to shout about to all the world!”
"I read Shawn Brann’s GO & TELL—This Is Your Moment to Run, and I was moved by such a powerful, passionate, targeted book that addresses some urgent needs in the Body of Christ. Shawn clearly convinces us of the dire need for all serious believers in Jesus to take seriously our individual callings to fulfill the Great Commission—to go, share our faith, and make disciples. He does so with a rare combination of sound biblical story-telling, modern and relevant illustrations, and recollections of some of the greatest heroes and heroines in the history of Christianity. Inspired by these spiritual fore-parents who did not allow the reality of persecution or even martyrdom to prevent them from sharing the Good News, with Shawn’s help we can all summon up courage, take steps of faith, and offer our own expressions of the greatest story ever told."
"I know you will love reading GO & TELL as much as I did. It's a game changer for all believers and churches wanting to be equipped to share the gospel. I highly recommend you (and your church) not only to go through this book and companion workbook, but let the words of the book to go through you. We are on the brink of a worldwide harvest, and the Gospel Baton is in our hands.


Watch each video individually or in your small group.

In each video, Shawn gives you an overview of the chapter you or your small group is in, highlights some key points, and asks tough questions that correspond with the Go & Tell Companion Workbook before handing back off to you or your group to discuss. 





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Shawn has been in full-time ministry for more than twenty years serving in many areas such as youth pastor, college pastor, evangelist, missionary, professional sports chaplain, and a church growth consultant. He has earned several degrees, including an Associates of Practical Ministry, Bachelors in Biblical Studies, Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Practical Theology (MPT), and a Master Degree in Divinity (MDIV). He is also an author and entrepreneur. Shawn, his wife Tanja, and two daughters, Bailey and Zoe, live in Zurich, Switzerland.

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